Topic outline

  • General

    The topic of Failure Analysis could be considered from many perspectives.  At one extreme, we could drilldown into the field and laboratory protocols and procedures, and discuss the hardware and tools used to delve into the metallurgical and fractographic details of a failure.  Several days later we might close out with some practical illustrations and takeaways.  At the other extreme, we could present the conceptual and/or theoretical foundations, beginning with concepts such as the “Root-Cause Analysis” (RCA) and continue to then present a host of analytical and other useful practices, such as Failure Nodes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).  Again, several days later we would come to closure, and also manage to get in some practical illustrations and takeaways.  

    As indicated, topics such as these easily could be the subject of two or three day-long course, with the discussion and illustrations from real failures being useful and eventually also made practically instructive.  However, the full scope of such topics is not amenable to the Bite-Size format of this series of ROSEN Training Videos, which rely on compressing a topic into one or two relatively brief videos.  

    Accordingly, this video series is concerned with a compact view of “Failure Analysis” as it has been typically applied to pipelines over the years in the framework outlined.

    • Part 1