Topic outline

  • Seminario

    • Pipeline Safety Regulations Seminar - Bogota - June 18th 2019.
    • Regulaciones de Seguridad de Tuberías presentados durante el seminario en Bogotá del 18 de Junio de 2019.

    • Entrevista: Gary Senior

      Regulacion de seguridad de ductos desde la perspectiva del Reino Unido

      The importance of Pipeline Safety Regulations, their evidence for improvement of pipeline safety and his experience on adopting, developing and enforcing Regulations.

      Gary Senior
      Principal Consulting Engineer
      Pipeline Integrity Engineers Ltd (PIE) – UK

      Over twenty five years’ experience in oil and gas industry. Expert in for integrity and risk management of pipeline systems. Previously Lead Engineer of Pipelines and Pressure Systems group for 19,000km British Gas onshore pipeline system, providing integrity and risk technical support for the UK gas transmission network, including provision of strategic and asset integrity support to the business and liaising with Safety Regulator.

    • Entrevista: Alan Murray

      Una vision desde Canada: Cero fallas, QRA amalisis de costo beneficio para demostrar el ALARP

      The View from Canada Zero Failures, QRA, and Cost Benefit Analyses to demonstrate ALARP

      Alan Murray
      Consulting Engineer
      Principia Consulting - Calgary, Canada

      Dr. Alan Murray (P. Eng), is the founding Chairman of the ASME Pipeline Systems Division.  He is the former Professional Leader Engineering, (Chief Engineer) of the National Energy Board (NEB) in Calgary Alberta Canada and an Adjunct Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Calgary. In 2006, Alan was awarded with ASME Distinction Award for his over 40 years of active involvement in the industry.