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  • Welcome to Data Science for Pipeline Integrity Management.

    My name is Michael Smith and I am a Data Scientist at ROSEN.

    Data science is becoming an increasingly important discipline in our industry as it promises to provide us with tools and techniques to handle and analyse the data that we are rapidly accumulating. But what does a data scientist actually do and what value can they add to our existing decision processes?

    In this course, you will find a series of presentations and reading materials that will introduce the concept of data science, explain how data is organised, and provide an overview of different analytical methods that can be used.
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      Michael Smith is a chartered Chemical Engineer and Data Scientist with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. 

      Within ROSEN he leads the development of new asset integrity technologies, with a specific focus on 'Integrity Analytics' – the use of data analytics to support integrity management decisions.