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What are Competency Standards?

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A Competency Standard is a reference document that provides a common definition of a competency (skill, knowledge and experience) and states items such as minimum requirements, elements and how the competency can be obtained (training, experience etc).


At ROSEN, we have worked hard with the industry, to develop over 50 different Competency Standards that reflect the competency needs of Professionals in Pipeline Integrity Management. They are contained here in this manual that is available now from the Competence Club.


All of our offerings are based on these Standards – Qualifications, Assessment, Learning. [MU1] 


Why not order a copy of the manual to see how this approach might support you and your team?

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What is a Learning Program?

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Competence comprises different elements (knowledge, skills and experience) and getting that competence may need a structured program – a Learning Program.


A Learning Program may include self-study, training, practical exercises and coaching but should be tailored to you and your team’s needs.


We offer Learning Programs as part of our Qualifications but if you have already identified a need, feel free to get in contact to see how we might support you on your path to competence in pipeline integrity.


What is a ROSEN Qualification?

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Our Qualification programs offer individuals[MU1]  and organizations an opportunity to have their competencies assessed, developed and even certified. Our focus is very much on personnel working in Operators’ Integrity Teams[MU2] providing a top-down approach [MU3] to ensuring you and your team can bring to bear your expertise on your assets with certified competence in pipeline integrity management.


Who is it for? Well, Qualifications Programs are for individuals but we also offer Off-the-Shelf Organizational[MU4]  Programs so you can feel confident that there aren’t any competence gaps in your team.


Qualifications serve as an independently certified record and proof of competence – for you and your team.


If you would like to know more, go ahead and get in touch.

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What is Competency Assessment?

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A Competency Assessment is when you take a Standard and measure someone’s knowledge, skills and experience against that Standard. The result should be a document that highlights any gaps and with recommendations in how to close them: training, experience or otherwise.


How are they Assessed? They can be through examination, interview or[MU1]  documentary evidence.


Why are they important? Well, not only does it highlight any gaps it also serves as a powerful record that can be used to ‘prove’ competence if needed.


If you would like to prove your competence in pipeline integrity management, feel free to reach out to us.

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What is The Competence Club?

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The Competence Club was developed by us, here at the ROSEN Group, with support from independent industry experts. This industry knowledge-sharing initiative developed as a response to the need of pipeline professionals to have a reliable and structured approach to acquiring and demonstrating their competence.

So, what is it exactly? Well, it is a website that allows us to offer the industry the following:

  1. Free access to videos presented by a wide range of industry experts, ROSEN and independent, on different integrity-related topic.
  2. Access to awareness-level online learning – over 40 courses and counting – to serve you as a key knowledge resource.
  3. A Competency Management System that manages your activities and records through our Qualification programs.

 Why not sign up free today and take a look around?