ROSEN Qualifications, available off-the-shelf and bespoke, have been created with support of independent experts to provide a structured approach for individuals and organizations in order to satisfy the requirements of regulation and best practice. Each qualification consists of a set of competencies that are assessed and acquired through self-paced learning, training, and mentoring – all of which is recorded through the Competence Club.

The qualifications focus on the professional demands on engineers and are offered in the follow fields:

  • Pipeline Integrity Engineer;
  • Pipeline Inspection Engineer;
  • Pipeline Corrosion Engineer;
  • Onshore Pipeline Engineer;
  • Pipeline Risk Engineer; and,
  • Subsea Pipeline Engineer.

The table below presents a summary of two examples of how a qualification might be taken: the first by an individual, and; the second by an organization. Once an individual or organization has been awarded the qualification it is possible for this process to be independently validated by a third party. The certification route provides an additional level of confidence when asked to demonstrate you and your team’s competence.


Individual A

Company B


Individual Qualification:
Pipeline Integrity Management

Organizational Qualification:
Pipeline Integrity Practitioner




Online training courses



Competencies Assessed

1 x Practitioner, 4 x Foundation

3 x Practitioner, 15 x Foundation

Average Effort Per Person

75 hours

50 hours

Learning Program

Public training courses

In-house training and coaching


Ad hoc basis

Company experts receive training on coaching and mentoring

Total duration

3-12 months

12-24 months

Independently validated?



Table: Examples of ROSEN Qualifications for individuals and organizations.

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