REIF: Zero Pipeline Failures?

We ‘learn from mistakes’, and this can be a good thing; for example the current USA president has had six of his companies file for bankruptcy and Harvard Business School says: ‘… failure is not always bad. In organizational life it is sometimes bad, sometimes inevitable, and sometimes even good.’ Obviously, there are some jobs where failure is not an option, or, it can be a deadly option; for example, in the military. There are also some industries where failure can be a deadly option; for example, the pipeline industry.

Nobody wants a pipeline to fail, with deadly consequences, but can we achieve ‘zero failures’? And at what cost?

This e-learn looks at pipeline failures, and discusses if ‘zero failures’ in the pipeline industry is a possibility, and how can we  explain pipeline failures to a general public who may expect ‘zero failures’?

Duration: 30 minutes

Mode: Self-study


Last modified: Friday, 24 July 2020, 6:25 PM