CS001A Awareness Pipeline Engineering Principles
CS002A Awareness Pipeline Engineers: Ethics & Responsibilities
CS003A Awareness The Oil and Gas Industry
CS004A Awareness Pipeline Project Control 
CS005A Awareness Pipeline Inspection and Surveillance
CS006A Awareness Onshore Laws, Regulations & Standards
CS007A Awareness Subsea  Laws, Regulations & Standards
CS008A Awareness Pipeline Hydraulics
CS009A Awareness Pipeline Risk Management 
CS010A Awareness Onshore Pipeline Design
CS011A Awareness Subsea Pipeline Design 
CS012A Awareness Pipeline Repair
CS013A Awareness Pipeline Materials
CS014A Awareness Pipeline Integrity Management
CS015A Awareness Internal Corrosion Mechanisms
CS016A Awareness Internal Corrosion Prevention and Monitoring
CS017A Awareness External Corrosion and Prevention
CS018A Awareness Onshore Pipeline Construction 
CS019A Awareness Subsea Pipeline Construction 
CS020A Awareness Pipeline Defect Assessment
CS021A Awareness Non-Destructive Testing Technologies 
CS022A Awareness In-Line Inspection Technologies & Procedures
CS023A Awareness Pipeline Inspection Technologies & Procedures
CS024A Awareness Pipeline Preparation and Cleaning
CS025A Awareness Cathodic Protection and Monitoring
CS026A Awareness ILI Data Analysis and Reporting
CS027A Awareness Pipeline Inspection Data Management 
CS028A Awareness Onshore Pipeline Operation
CS029A Awareness Subsea  Pipeline Operation
CS030A Awareness Stress Analysis
CS031A Awareness Verification of Inspection Results
CS032A Awareness Fracture Mechanics
CS033A Awareness Failure Analysis
CS034A Awareness Pipeline Welding 
CS035A Awareness Pipeline  Testing
CS036A Awareness Onshore Pipeline Routing
CS037A Awareness Subsea Pipeline Routing
CS038A Awareness Subsea Surveys
CS039A Awareness Decommissioning and Alternatives
CS040A Awareness Risers, Flexibles, Pipe-in-pipe, and Umbilicals
CS041A Awareness Deep Water Pipelines
CS042A Awareness Failure Modes and Mechanisms 
CS043A Awareness Risk Analysis Tools/Techniques
CS044A Awareness Probability Theory 
CS045A Awareness Consequence Analysis
CS046A Awareness Pipeline Inspection Principles
CS047A Awareness Health, Safety, Environment, Security
CS048A Awareness Pipeline Defects
CS049A Awareness Topside and Subsea Equipment and Control
CS050A Awareness Crack Management
CS051A Awareness Geo-technics
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