Thanks to our supporters (full)

We would like to recognize and express our appreciation for the support of contributors to the Competence Club. The following are a selection of experts who have provided content, participated in interviews and supported this knowledge sharing initiative.

Industry Experts

Moness Rizkalla

Tom Miesner

Phil Hopkins

Marcelino Guedes Gomes

W. Kent Muhlbauer

Polad Rustamov

Andrew Palmer

Judith Maas

Harry MacPherson

Jeroen Zanting

Fabián Sánchez 

Michael Rosenfeld

Tisha Schuller

Brian Leis

Alan Murray

Robert Eiber

Terri Steeves

Eckhard Hinrichsen

Eric Jas

Alvaro Quintero

Thomas Hüwener

Roger King

Cesar Bogosian

Neyra Gutiérrez

Mohd Nazmi Napiah

Rashid Luyen

ROSEN Experts

Chris Yoxall

Roland Palmer-Jones

Bryce Brown

Michelle Unger

Jochen Spalink

Roy van Elteren

Johannes Palmer

Michael Beller

Erika Santana

Christopher de Leon

Michael Smith

Gaffar Mirzoev

Rhett Dotson

Daniel Sandana

Adrian Horsley

Michael Palmer

Ashwin Pinto

Neil Gallon

Jason Edwards

Marguerite Forde

Ollie Burkinshaw

Daniel Cassarino

Christie Murray

Cheryl Argent

Steve Cromwell

Andrew Wilde

Paul Westwood

Jozef Soltis

Will Sharman

Mark Wright

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