Partnership Programs

The Competence Club is an online platform that has been developed to facilitate the secure delivery of online training, as well as allowing members to demonstrate their level of competence to colleagues, company and industry.

Young Pipeliners and Pipeline Safety Members can join our partnership program and access an exclusive package of learning resources to support their competency development.

Competency Package 

Total Learning Hours: 20 hours
Duration: 30 days access

CS003A The Oil and Gas Industry

CS016A Prevention and Monitoring of Internal Corrosion

CS005A Pipeline Inspection and Surveillance

CS020A Pipeline Defect Assessment

CS009A Pipeline Risk Management

CS022A In-Line Inspection Technologies and Procedures

CS010A Onshore Pipeline Design

CS032A Fracture Mechanics

CS012A Pipeline Repair

CS048A Pipeline Defects

CS014A Pipeline Integrity Management

CS050A Crack Management

How do I get access? 

Last modified: Monday, 21 June 2021, 5:57 PM