Pipeline Integrity Engineer (Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A)

Following assessment, the following qualification has been awarded to Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A.


Assessed Competencies



CS001F – Pipeline Engineering Principles Is able to describe pipeline engineering principles, discuss best practices, and explain their bases.
CS005F – Pipeline Inspection and Surveillance Can describe differing pipeline inspection and surveillance methods, and compare the best methods.
CS014F – Pipeline Integrity Management Can define, and distinguish between, differing integrity management methods/techniques, particularly pipeline integrity management and systems, and can list the threats to pipeline safety and the consequences of pipeline failure.
CS020F – Pipeline Defect Assessment Can perform pipeline integrity and pipeline defect assessments (for all types of defects found in pipelines), under supervision, and can summarise and give examples of fatigue assessment.
CS022F – In-line Inspection Technologies and Procedures Can classify and summarise in-line inspection technologies and procedures.
CS026F – In-line Inspection Data Analysis and Reporting Can explain ILI data analysis and reporting procedures.
CS030F – Stress Analysis Can describe and review pipeline stress analyses under supervision.
CS032F – Fracture Mechanics Can explain the history of fracture mechanics, its principles, and differing models (elastic, elastic-plastic, and plastic), defining the best assessment methods using fracture mechanics, and define and distinguish  between the traditional approach to fatigue assessment, and the fracture mechanics approach to fatigue assessment.

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