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Virtual Meetup: Pipeline Integrity Personnel Certification: All about ANAB Accreditation

Virtual Meetup: Pipeline Integrity Personnel Certification: All about ANAB Accreditation
In this meetup we discuss why Pipeline Integrity Certifications are important, how you can access them, and what is involved. We will have the opportunity to ask the subject matter experts, who have been involved in the development of this competence model, details of the process, and we will have some already certified engineers sharing their own experiences and those of their teams. We all know that training and education in the pipeline industry is a key requirement, as we know the impact on safety. Fortunately, a lot of work has been done in the topic in recent years and we are now able to access industry developed and independently accredited certifications in Pipeline Integrity Management and Pipeline Defect Assessment competencies. But what are they? Who developed them? What does it mean to get a certification? How do you prepare for the examinations? Let's discuss with the SMEs who developed the model that has been ANSI accredited, a "world first"

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Meet the experts

Michelle Unger, Head of the Group Business Line 'Education Systems and Services' for the ROSEN Group.

Michelle has over 25 years' experience: her early career involved pipeline integrity consultancy, but her more recent experience is in technical training, learning, education, and competence development. Michelle is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Pipeline Hydraulics. She has a Postgraduate Degree (PgC) in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice from Newcastle University, and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.

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