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Virtual Meetup: Workshops, Webinars and Training for Pipeline Integrity Management

There are many opportunities to learn about pipeline integrity issues and how to resolve problems. Sometimes you want a general overview. Other times you want to take deep dive into the details. But how can you pick a class that is right for you? Various industry groups and consultants offer classes at various levels. Some just provide awareness of issues, which are useful when you are just getting started. Other opportunities provide a foundation for working in a specific area. The deep dive is needed when you are expected to be the company expert, supervising and mentoring new employees.

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Dr. Bruce Nestleroth 

Dr. Bruce has over 30 years of experience in the pipeline industry, developing and applying magnetic and ultrasonic inspection technology to detect and assess defects in pipelines. Early in his career, Dr. Nestleroth performed research on the theory and capability of magnetic flux leakage (MFL) in-line inspection technology. He then has developed and improved a variety of MFL, eddy current, and Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) in-line inspection technologies, such as sensors, magnetizer configurations, and data analysis algorithms for detection and assessment of pipeline defects. Dr. Nestleroth has taught training courses and workshops on pipeline inspection technology and defect assessment since 1995. He serves on many committees developing technical standards, including API 1163 - In-line Inspection Systems Qualification and API 1176 - Assessment and Management of Cracking in Pipelines. 

Arti Bhatia 

Arti Bhatia has over twenty-five years of experience in the oil and gas pipeline industry in the areas of pipeline risk and engineering assessments, in-line inspection programs, pipeline investigations and implementation of management systems. She has worked actively in collaborating on pipeline codes and standards development as well as pipeline technology transfer and research applications. She is currently the Chair of the Technical Subcommittee on Management Systems for the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z662 Oil and gas pipeline systems standard and she is a member of the CSA Z662 Task Force on Risk Management. In 2016, she was Chair of the Technical Committee for the International Pipeline Conference (IPC) and previously was Vice-Chair of the Design, Materials and Construction Research Committee within the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI).

Virtual Meetup Series 2021

Join our Virtual Meetups and take your professional development into your own hands through flexible learning formats and exchanges with peers and experts! Whether you are at the office, on your lunch break or in your home office, leverage engaging live calls that will increase your skills as you learn at your own pace – and only what is new to you. Quick. Virtual. Live.

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