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Competence: Is It Overrated?

Competence: Is It Overrated?
The webinar covers staff 'competence', why it is needed, and how you can become both competent and qualified in your disciplines. It will debate whether being competent is overrated, show the big 'catch' in being competent, and also compare it with confidence. Finally, the talk concludes with 6 ways to beat clever, confident, and ambitious people in your office, helping you climb your career ladder quicker and leave them all behind.

Meet the experts

Dr Phil Hopkins

Dr Phil Hopkins is an independent consultant. He has held a number of senior management and executive positions in the oil and gas business, and combines this high level management expertise with over 35 years engineering experience in transmission pipelines, including work on pipeline engineering, damage, safety, risk, integrity, surveillance, inspection and maintenance, and repair. Dr Hopkins has served on many national and international committees, and continues to be involved with universities as Visiting Professor at Northumbria and Newcastle Universities.

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Integrity Insights provide over 25 hours of free technical presentations, micro courses, and panel discussions delivered by experts and operators. 

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