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Geohazard Management with Moness Rizkalla

In this Expert Interview with Moness Rizkalla ​we discover:
  • Key considerations for geohazard management
  • Range of geohazards 
  • Geohazard assessment methodologies 
  • Monitoring technologies 
  • Geohazard case-study 
  • Mitigation methods

Meet the experts

Moness Rizkalla

Moness Rizkalla (P.Eng) is President of via+ Visitless Integrity Assessment Ltd.

He has over 30 years' engineering, management and business leadership experience in the energy transmission industry with a successful track record in developing technology-based solutions for international pipeline owners.

Moness has developed and chaired over 15 geotechnical sessions for American Society of Mechanical Engineers conferences (Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, and the International Pipeline Conferences) and the Banff Pipeline Integrity Workshops.

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