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Mentoring: What is it and is it important?

Mentoring: What is it and is it important?

​This presentation explains what is meant by 'mentoring', including its history, and describes the roles of the mentor, and mentee. It covers the advantages and disadvantages of mentoring staff, its role in competence development, and its relevance to business development. Finally, the paper outlines a mentoring plan for staff.

Meet the experts

Dr. Phil Hopkins

Dr. Phil Hopkins is an independent consultant, with his own company: Phil Hopkins Ltd. He was previously Executive Director of the pipeline engineering company Penspen Limited, UK, and Managing Director of the pipeline engineering consultants, Andrew Palmer and Associates (APA), UK. He had worked in the power generation industry for C A Parsons, Newcastle upon Tyne, before spending 17 years working in the Research and Technology Division of British Gas, where he was Business Area Manager for Transmission Pipelines.

Dr. Hopkins continues to be involved with universities: he was a Professorial Fellow at Newcastle University, UK, and has taught on Masters programmes at both Newcastle University, and Northumbria University, UK. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Northumbria University (2015-2018), and a Visiting Professor of Practice at Newcastle University (2016-2019).

In summary, Dr. Hopkins has held a number of senior management and executive positions in the oil and gas business, and combines this high level management expertise with over 35 years engineering experience in transmission pipelines, including work on pipeline engineering, damage, safety, risk, integrity, surveillance, inspection and maintenance, and repair.

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Competence: Is It Overrated?
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