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Natural Gas Transmission with Dr. Alan Murray

In this expert interview with Dr. Alan Murray, you'll learn about:  
  • The compositions of natural gas and its effect on flow 
  • Relating the physical properties of gas and its pressure and temperature 
  • Flow regimes and the general flow equation 
  • The sensitivity of flow rate to diameter, pressure etc. 
  • The use of J curves to size an efficient pipeline

Meet the experts

Dr. Alan Murray (P. Eng)

Dr. Alan Murray (P. Eng), is the founding Chairman of the ASME Pipeline Systems Division.

He is the former Professional Leader Engineering, (Chief Engineer) of the National Energy Board (NEB) in Calgary Alberta Canada and an Adjunct Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Calgary.

In 2006, Alan was awarded with ASME Distinction Award for his over 40 years of active involvement in the industry.

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