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Pipeline Stresses with Michael Rosenfeld

In this Expert Interview with Michael Rosenfeld​, we look at: 
  • Concepts of stress and strain 
  • Load-controlled vs displacement-controlled conditions 
  • Restrained vs unrestrained piping 
  • Biaxial stress state 
  • Localized stresses

Meet the experts

Michael Rosenfeld

Michael Rosenfeld (P.E.) is Chief Engineer and President at Kiefner and Associates, Inc.

He has experience in Fitness-for-Purpose, Pipeline Stress Analysis - analyzed numerous pipelines for stresses induced by external loadings due to spanning, currents in water crossings, and soil movement due to subsidence or settlement.

Michael is a Member of ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission Piping Systems Section Committee, ASME B31 Mechanical Design Technical Committee and ASME B31 Standards Committee. 

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