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Top 5 Pipeline Integrity E-Learn Courses

Did you know that we have over 30 Tier 1: E-Learns (Awareness) in English, Spanish, and Russian? You can start your competency training with these introductory e-learns that have been designed to develop your understanding of core pipeline integrity topics and enhance your performance at your own pace and at a time that suits you!


Take a look at our top 5 most popular pipeline integrity e-learn courses:

Discover our highly sought-after Tier 1: E-Learns, thoughtfully designed in partnership with esteemed professionals in the industry. Plus, for a limited time only, get a 10% discount on non-complimentary courses with the code OCTOBER-WIN when you purchase before October 27th. Don't miss out!

1. Introduction to Pipeline Integrity Management
Authored by Steve Cromwell | 1.5 Hours | $49.95

By taking this e-learn course, you can develop an awareness of various integrity management methods and techniques. Additionally, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of pipeline integrity management systems, as well as the potential threats to pipeline safety and the severe consequences that can result from pipeline failure.

2. Introduction to Failure Analysis
Authored by Dr Brian N. Leis | 6 Hours | Complimentary

Understanding the potential for pipeline failure is crucial in the field of Pipeline Integrity Management. This course will enlighten you on how we conduct subsequent failure analysis and draw conclusions from it.

3. Introduction to Hydrogen in the Energy Transition and the Role of Pipelines
Authored by Dr. Phil Hopkins | 4 Hours | $100

Pipelines transporting hydrogen are a part of the world's 'energy transition' initiative to tackle climate change. To equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of this topic, this e-learn covers the essential principles, concepts, practices, challenges, and technical parameters involved in the design, operation, and integrity management of these transmission pipelines.

4. Introduction to Fracture Mechanics
Authored by Dr. Bob Andrews | 3.5 Hours | $49.95

By taking this e-learn, you'll gain an understanding of the technical parameters, principles, and methods used to evaluate defects like cracks in high pressure pipelines and associated components. The course will cover topics related to evaluating appropriate loadings and material properties under both static and cyclic loading.

5. Introduction to Risk Analysis Tools and Techniques
Authored by Ian Diggory | 45 Minutes | $49.95

This e-learn course aims to equip you with knowledge and understanding of the importance of risk assessment, integrity management, and the various tools and techniques utilized in conducting pipeline risk assessment, such as HAZOPS, FMEA, and checklists.

Looking to enhance your professional skills? Our portfolio of courses can help take your development to the next level. Start with our Tier 1: E-Learn (Awareness) courses, and for those who have already completed them, consider our Tier 2: Certificate Program (Foundation) courses. Click here to learn more!
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