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At the Competence Club, our mission is to make the pipeline industry safer and more sustainable by improving competency in the workforce. With our services, you're not only getting expertly designed integrity management training materials - you're getting a partner dedicated to strengthening skills and industry collaboration.

Since 2015, we have worked with 2,700+ members globally, and delivered 240+ hours of educational material, resulting in over 5500+ completed online courses and 200+ performed certifications. Start learning with us today.

Learn and develop with the Competence Club

Gain demonstratable competence through online learning and knowledge sharing

With both complimentary and paid membership to the Competence Club, it's time to strengthen your skills through our online training, resources, events, and community.


Prove your competency with assessment and certification 

From self-assessment to formal competency assessment and certification.

Our experts design learning programs and competency assessments, and initiate certifications. CERTivation GmbH* and the Qualification Panel for the Pipeline Industry (QPPI – an independent group of experts) supervise the entire competency assessment and certification process.

Keep your team on track with our consultancy and training solutions

Creating tailored training solutions for teams and businesses

Improving the competency of your workforce doesn't need to be a challenge. We support businesses with pipeline integrity training through our education consultancy services.

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Supporting the industry through partnerships

Tailored competency training packages for pipeline professionals.

Our exclusive partnership training package for Young Pipeliners and Pipeline Safety Professionals allows complimentary access to 20 hours of learning resources for 30 days to support competency development.