Collaboration with
Clarion Technical Conferences

Clarion is a provider of training courses, technical conferences, books, and technical journals for engineers and technical management within the oil and gas production and pipeline transportation industries, both on- and offshore.

Today, managers at all levels must have a solid understanding of technical operations and a firm grasp on management issues and technologies that are available to improve operational performance, safety, and reliability.

Clarion's products provide this knowledge and expertise on a continuous worldwide basis through the Clarion Technical Conferences group and its affiliate, Clarion Technical Publishers.


How does Clarion partner with the Competence Club?


As a part of Clarion training courses, the Competence Club offers a hub of exclusive preschool pipeline integrity e-learning and access to the Encyclopedia of Pipeline Defects, which is only available to Clarion members. The training materials provide essential background learning designed to enhance your takeaway from your training.

The partnership also gives you access to the Competence Club's communities, events, three complimentary e-learns, and over fifty hours of pipeline integrity resources.

Take part in the partnership program

Ready to advance your career with pipeline integrity training? Contact us to find out more about the Clarion partnership, and we will be back in touch with your next steps on how to get started.