Shaping the Pipeline Industry through Strategic Partnerships


Competency development is the key to a safe and secure pipeline industry. Our mission at the Competence Club is to help retain and transfer industry knowledge to equip professionals for the future and create a safer and more sustainable environment. That is why we partner with groups, universities and organizations to support education through our exclusive packages of learning resources to support professional development. Find out about the partnerships and collaborations we offer below. 

We're proud to work with some prestigious partners

Our Partnerships and Collaborations

Our strategic global partnerships with groups, universities, and organizations mean we can work together to make the pipeline industry safer and more sustainable.

We can bring the workforce together to improve competency; find new ways of learning and sharing knowledge; collaborate and network; advocate to move the sector towards better practices, and inspire future leaders. Learn more about our partnerships today.




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Partner with ROSEN's Competence Club

Whether you need to nurture your students, professionally develop your workforce talent, or access our skilled experts, we can help your competency development through pipeline integrity training. Contact us below to find out how we could partner with you.