Dedicated resources for the pipeline industry 

The Competence Club is the pipeline industry‚Äôs premier learning and collaboration platform, connecting you with experts, their insights, and learning materials on integrity management, including pipeline operation, inspection, integrity, and risk. 

Designed as a toolkit for pipeline professionals, the Competence Club features technical presentations, structured online courses, expert interviews, and competency assessments. Above all, it fosters industry collaboration by bringing together all stakeholders in the pipeline industry through exclusive events and communities of practice. View our bank of resources.


Resources for you


Virtual Meetups Events  

Take your professional development into your own hands through flexible learning formats and exchanges with peers and experts. Leverage engaging live calls that will increase your skills as you learn at your own pace. Quick. Virtual. Live.


Competency Standards Manual

The Competency Standards Manual for Pipeline Integrity lists and defines 42 competencies, at various levels. Discover the skills you need to be deemed competent in the pipeline industry. 



From integrity insights to knowledge sharing, our dedicated pipeline integrity resources are the perfect place to start developing your knowledge with the Competence Club. We offer complimentary webinars, articles, recorded videos, and reports to foster knowledge sharing within the industry.


Community Forums

Participate in knowledge exchange and technical discussion forums with peers and experts with our community groups and forums. From energy transition, and integrity analytics to professional growth, our community will help you collaborate and grow.

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