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The Competence Club is the pipeline industry’s premier learning and collaboration platform, connecting you with experts, their insights, and learning materials about integrity management, including pipeline operation, inspection, integrity, and risk.


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Designed as a toolkit for young and experienced professionals alike, the Competence Club features technical presentations, structured online courses, expert interviews and competency assessments. Above all, it fosters industry collaboration by bringing all stakeholders in the pipeline industry together by offering exclusive events and communities of practice.

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Leading industry experts from around the world advise, design and help develop our Competence Club learning programs, competency assessments, and initiate certifications. They also impart knowledge through our community events and learning resources. 

Experience the pipeline industry's premier learning and collaboration platform


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Online training

Take your competency development to the next level with our online training. With a range of courses at different levels, and different styles, our platform offers you training to suit your needs.



Training consultancy

We make it easy to improve workforce competency. Let our consultancy team create tailored training solutions for your business to help you reach your goals.


Resources and insights

Knowledge transfer is key!
Access learning materials for all areas of pipeline integrity management, including on pipeline operation, inspection, integrity and risk.



Partnership Programs

We are dedicated to helping the pipeline industry become more competent. Find out about our collaborations with groups, universities, and organizations.