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Whether you are an individual looking to build your toolkit with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your job, or an enterprise team seeking to streamline onboarding or tackle team training challenges, we are here to help you overcome any hurdles. Our learning and education platform is the premier resource for the pipeline industry, dedicated to improving workforce competence, enhancing industry safety, and promoting sustainability.


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Pipeline Integrity Training

We support you from start to finish - identifying skills gaps, providing effective training, and assessing your progress.



Online Learning

With an extensive catalog of courses and resources devoted to all things pipeline integrity management, you can build valuable skills and enhance your knowledge.



Competency Assessment

We help you evaluate and showcase your knowledge through our assessment process.



Competency Cerification

Gain a competitive advantage with our programs that help you study towards globally recognized credentials.



Education Consultancy

Our team will work with you closely to understand your requirements and objectives to help you reach your desired goal.



Mentoring and Coaching

We can support training implementation by providing a structure and discipline for reflection and learning.



Knowledge Sharing and Community

Join our online community groups and network with professionals in the industry.



Competency Standards Manual

Our manual lists and define competencies at various levels, which offer the basis for our training and assessments.


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Discover an extensive library of over 70+ competency-based training courses that are specifically tailored to support you throughout the various stages of your career. Simply navigate to your skill level and chosen subject matter to unlock a wealth of technical courses that are designed to enhance your understanding and help you thrive in the fields of pipeline integrity, operation, inspection, and risk.

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 key integrity concepts through a range of teaching styles, including expert-led and e-learning.



Our introductory bite-sized e-learns are expertly crafted to help you fill any skills gaps at your own pace and on a schedule that suits you.


Discover our live courses taught by subject-matter experts. Gain an understanding of key topics through theory, and practical learning.



Study towards recognized credentials with our programs, aligned with the requirements you need to take an assessment to achieve certification.

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Introduction to Onshore Laws, Regulations and Standards (CS006A)


This e-learn course presents the legislation, regulations, and standards used at all stages of the onshore pipeline life cycle.

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Introduction to Probability of Failure Analysis (CS044A)

This e-learn course provides you with an awareness of various pipelines which may lead to loss of containment and assessing the probability of failure from qualitative to quantitative.

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Fundamentals of Hydrogen Pipeline Integrity (CS053F)

Get an introduction to hydrogen in the context of the energy transition. Gain a broad overview of the history of hydrogen and its role in the need for decarbonisation, including production methods and uses of hydrogen.

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Advanced Program in Pipeline Engineering Principles (CS001F+)

Gain an insight into the underlying principles, concepts, and technical parameters in pipeline engineering, providing you with an all-round understanding of pipeline engineering principles.

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