Dedicated partnership program for Young Pipeline Professionals  

Learn. Grow. Develop.


Competency development is essential to your professional growth as a young engineer in the pipeline industry. Our goal is to help the next generation of engineers by sharing industry knowledge and experience to create a safe and sustainable future. That’s why we support Young Pipeline Professionals everywhere through our exclusive package of complimentary learning resources to support professional development.

What learning materials can you access?

You will get 30-days of complimentary access to 12 pipeline integrity e-learning courses that provide over 20 hours of content. These courses will give you awareness-level insight into an array of pipeline integrity topics. Check out the materials below.

Introduction to The Oil & Gas Industry

Gain an awareness of the origins of hydrocarbons, their journey to market, the basis of oil and gas markets, and key industry players. 


Introduction to Prevention & Monitoring of Internal Corrosion

This e-learn course will provide you with insight into internal pipeline corrosion monitoring, prevention and mitigation.

Introduction to Pipeline Inspection & Surveillance

Develop an awareness-level understanding of pipeline inspection and surveillance, including techniques, tools, and procedures.


Introduction to Pipeline Defect Assessment

This e-learn course will provide you with an outline of pipeline defect assessments methods and fatigue assessment, with a basic understanding of fracture mechanics.

Introduction to Pipeline Risk Management

Learn about the concepts and principles of risk management, identification, and analysis of pipeline risks using suitable assessment methods.


Introduction to In-Line Inspection Technologies & Procedures

Understand the underlying principles, concepts and technical parameters in in-line inspection technologies and procedures.

Introduction to Onshore Pipeline Design

Gain insight into underlying principles, concepts, and technical parameters in onshore pipeline design.


Introduction to Fracture Mechanics

Uncover the fundamental concepts, technical parameters and methods for assessing defects in high pressure pipelines and associated components under static and cyclic loading.

Introduction to Pipeline Repair

Gain knowledge of repair methods for metal loss, dents, cracks and leaks, and forms of structural damage.


Introduction to Pipeline Defects

This e-learn will provide an awareness of the different types of defects that can appear in pipelines, their causes and threats they pose.

Introduction to Pipeline Integrity Management 

Learn about the differing pipeline integrity management methods and systems. Plus, discover the threats to safety and the consequences of pipeline failure.


Introduction to Crack Management

Discover the different types of cracks and crack-like defects that can occur in pipelines, and there effect and consequences, and how they are detected and mitigated.

How can you join the partnership program today?

Ready to advance your career with professional development? We are here to help. Contact us below and let us know about your Young Pipeline Professional membership, and we will be back in touch with your guidelines on how to get started.