Introduction to In-Line Inspection Technologies and Procedures (CS022A)

Introduction to In-Line Inspection Technologies and Procedures

This course will provide you with the underlying principles, concepts and technical parameters in in-line inspection (ILI) technologies and procedures, as applied to pipelines and similar cylindrical pressure vessels, giving the individual an all-round understanding.

This technical course has been authored by our industry expert and is designed to offer you with just-in-time knowledge related to pipeline integrity management. The courses can be studied as part of your learning journey, or used as a reference library.

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In-Line Inspection Technologies and Procedures CS022A


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What you will learn

This technical course has been split into two parts: Welcome and Introduction, In-Line Inspection Techniques and In-Line Inspection Procedures.

During these sessions you will gain insight into:

- History of pigging, and in-line inspection
- Pipelines, pigs and ILI: current and future
- Associated market including understanding the number of service providers and supply vs demand issues
- Components of an In-line Inspection (the pipeline, its environment, the vehicle, the mechanics and electronics of the vehicle, and the data gathering, analysis, interpretation, and reporting) and how they affect performance

Meet your subject matter expert


Dr Michael Beller

Dr. Michael Beller has worked in the pipeline industry for over 25 years now.
After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering and subsequent research he joined Preussag AG in 1988 in their pipeline construction division and in 1991 the ILI-vendor Pipetronix GmbH. At Pipetronix Michael held various positions in the Engineering, Sales and Marketing Departments. In 2001 Michael joined NDT Systems & Services AG as a co-founder, where he held the position of Corporate Marketing Manager. In June 2013 he joined the Corporate Marketing Team of the ROSEN-Group. Today Michael is a member of ROSEN`s Global Strategy Management team and is based in Southern Germany.

Michael has published more than 80 technical papers on the issues of pipeline inspection and integrity and is also co-author of a German standard reference book on Pipeline Cleaning and Inspection Technologies. Michael is a former President of the International Pigging Products & Services Association (PPSA) and is currently a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Pipeline Engineering and  PetroMin Pipeliner.

Dr. Beller has been delivering training courses to the pipeline industry for over 15 years now. covering pipeline inspection, pipeline integrity and material defects in pipeline steels and is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, Germany, teaching material science and technical mechanics classes.'