Oil Pipeline Energy Management with Tom Miesner

Oil Pipeline Energy Management with Tom Miesner


Welcome to the 'Pipeline Energy Management' training course. This video-based e-learn training course has been created by industry expert Tom Miesner, and hosted in collaboration with ROSEN's Competence Club.

In this insightful training video, Tom will discuss keys to energy usage for controllers and schedulers, system resistance and power curves, motors and variable speed drives, centrifugal pump and station curves, Drag Reducing Agents (DRA), power contracts and rates, demand response, and more. 

By the end of your training, you will be able to:

  • Explain the factors affecting power usage 
  • List the primary areas in which controllers can affect energy costs
  • Explain the main components of energy bills 
  • Explain why VFSs are usually better for energy usage than control valves 
  • Explain demand charges and why companies have them 
  • Explain why demand charges may or may not be important
  • Explain real-time pricing and its importance 
  • Explain coincident peaks
  • Understand why contracts are important 
  • Explain how Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) can be used to reduce energy costs 
  • Explain the key to saving energy costs 

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Tom Miesner

Tom Miesner spent twenty-five years at Conoco Pipeline, retiring as President in 2003. After retiring (the first time) Tom founded a boutique consulting business, serving clients in the oil and gas midstream industry. Over the past nineteen years, Tom has written four books, taught over 200 instructor-led classes, and produced numerous video-based oil and gas pipeline training materials. Tom also performs litigation consulting making him privy to many pipeline failures. As he investigated those failures, he learned from them, and then incorporated his learnings into his classes. Tom enjoys sharing his forty-five plus years of knowledge with others in the industry.